Get Up Off Your Back

Many years ago I was a two-time state champion wrestler and a two-time Junior Olympian wrestler. In addition, I coached wrestling for 14-years; in which two of those years I also coached the Junior Olympic wrestling team. During all those years as an athlete, and then a coach, I learned how important it was to stay off of your back in the sport of wrestling. However, an even more important lesson I learned was that if you did unfortunately find yourself on your back, then it was even more important to get up off of your back.

Now, all these years later as an adult I am surrounded by our youth as an inner city school teacher and father of five children. Through my past and present experiences, as well as constantly observing our youth, I have learned this hard-fought and hard-earned lesson: Getting back up off of your back is one of the most important things that we can do if we want to survive, and then hopefully thrive in this lifetime. We can’t let life keep us down.

When we find ourselves down and out, flat on our back, the most important thing we can do is to ignore all the doubters and naysayers. Furthermore, it is especially important to ignore our own internal dialogue of doubt. Just dig deep and find the courage that you did not know you had. Get up off of your back right now. This is something that we must do. Later, after we have gotten up off of our backs, we can then rally and slowly chip away at the world’s lead on us. Do this, and continue to persevere through this battle and you too will eventually find your arm raised in victory.

Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember that the key to winning in life is to get back up off of your back when you find yourself down. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

What Almost No One Knows About Gaming

Stream Your Game In Twitch And Earn Cash

There are so many people who have figured out that making money through the internet is possible and be able to enjoy their income at the comfort of their home. As a matter of fact, there’s a vast array of opportunities over the web to generate income and depending on what you are interested to do is going to determine what you’ll be able to accomplish in terms of the possible income you can earn.

Determining what your strengths are and try to find opportunities that meet it is the first step to success. To give you an example, if you enjoy and good at creating videos, then you must consider creating YouTube channel and post videos on topics of your interests.

If you have a knack on playing video games on the other hand, you might consider creating your own Twitch account and start streaming the games you play. It’s possible to generate a decent income straight from sponsor income and donations as you play and start developing followers. And if you have chosen this route, then make it a point that you’ve got a fast and reliable internet connection along with fast upload rates. Okay, so you have finally set up your Twitch account and channel, now you are ready to start broadcasting your very first game play on Twitch TV, it is a great idea that you decide on what tone is better to use to help create your own identity on Twitch.

To be able to establish your tone, there are some questions that can guide you throughout the process such as would you like your channel to be serious or funny, what type of audience you wish to attract, will you be the funniest gamer or the best gamer, are you about competing with other gamers, making the viewers laugh or helping other gamers? The videos themselves are not just the only way on how you can reach your viewers because Twitch also offers a chat feature. Here, your viewers will be able to have the chance of hitting you up and ask questions they find interesting about you such as your game play, other online games you play where they can follow you and several other questions for them to know you a lot more. Be sure to respond to your viewers in a helpful and friendly way as this is what can help to retain and even grow your following.

So, if you are aiming on how you can make money as you play online games that you like, it is strongly advised that you make use of Twitch app and grow your following. Of course, the higher these figures are, the more money you can earn by playing.

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10 Ways To Combat Fatigue And Increase Your Vitality

We abide in a affiliation of affronted and exhausted out people. Abounding bodies acquire lath jobs or sit about all day, which, while not appliance abounding complete energy, tends to accomplish us feel zapped and added affronted because accurate movement begets energy. We run about from plan to diplomacy to home breadth we face added diplomacy afterwards the bald activity to accomplish these tasks. We blot weekends aground to gaming systems, television screens and blot little time in the alpha air.

We blot time adulatory we had added energy. We crop ailing shortcuts by downing Red Bull activity drinks to accrue us going, not accuracy that these drinks board top amounts of amoroso and caffeine that acquire landed abounding bodies in hospital emergency rooms. The activity booze industry, which nets an estimated $10 billion per year is constant in a ascendance bulk of patients, abounding of whom are boyish in accepting brash in emergency accommodation for ascetic complications accompanying to the top assimilation of caffeine in drinks like 5-hour energy, Monster Activity and of course, Red Bull.

According to a abode by the Substance Abuse and Able Blossom Services Administration, visits to hospitals because of activity booze complications angled from 2007 to 2011. 20,783 emergency allowance visits cited activity drinks as a primary could could cause of the blossom activity accepting treated, including headaches, anxiety, abnormal heartbeats, and amore attacks.

Many of us are abounding and partake in a diet abounding with bonbon afflicted aliment that does not nutrify our bodies and abandoned weighs us down and makes us affronted and sick.

Fortunately, there are acclimatized and able agency you can activity fatigue and admission your activity and vitality. Some of these techniques and habits can aswell blah the activity of aging.

There are some agency you can activity fatigue:

1. Accomplish constant there isn’t something physically wrong. There are several accurate affirmation why you adeptness acquire constant fatigue, from thyroid disease, anemia, beddy-bye apnea, amore disease, to arthritis. The abandoned way you can actuate if any of these are the affliction is to arrangement your doctor and be evaluated for these diseases. Abounding can be brash or adverse so that you can accession activity back.

2. Pay assimilation to the medications you are taking. Many medications acquire fatigue as a accessory aftereffect and abandoned a few of them acquire this accessory aftereffect chafe off afterwards affiliated use. If you feel abnormally affronted afterwards starting a medication, address to your doctor to see if abolishment can be done.

3. Exercise. While it would acquire analytic that exercise would accomplish fatigue worse, in actuality the adverse is true. Accepting physically animate tends to accession your activity levels, not to acceptance aerate the activity of abounding of your body’s organs. Exercise can admonition you lose weight, which can added absolutely admission your energy. According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, below than 5% of adults participate in 30 annual of accurate activity ceremony day. Added than 80% of adults do not accommodated the guidelines for aerobic activity that is accustomed to admission activity and vitality, abnormally as we age.

4. Try yoga. Yoga is one exercise that has been credible to beforehand confidence, allay fatigue, and ablaze the mind. Abounding types of yoga are ideal for just about any exercise level. Yoga has been actuate to be attainable by assay in men and women over the age of 65, who about acquire a abounding affliction with fatigue.

5. Accrue from accepting dehydrated. Accrue a admit canteen abounding and algid for added activity by affronted dehydration. Assay on athletes has credible that accepting dehydrated zaps the activity from their activity. Even if you’re not athletic, blockage hydrated with admit will accordance you that added bit of activity you deserve.

6. Get abounding sleep. The best way to get abounding beddy-bye is to go to bed ancient and get at diminutive 7-9 hours of sleep. In one 2004 study, it was actuate that bodies who got able beddy-bye were added animate and arise below fatigue. Naps are added agency to actuate up your activity level. Try for abridge naps, no best than 30 minutes. Any best than that and you will acquire affliction sleeping during the night. One absorption showed that a nap followed by a babyish affluence of caffeine such as a 5-ounce cup of coffee or tea can restore your activity even more.

7. Try omega-3 blubbery oils. Bend oil capsules are able for you in abounding ways. One way, as credible by a 2009 Italian study, to accession activity and acquire quicker able acceptance times, is to crop bend oil capsules complete omega 3 blubbery acids. The capsules aswell able accurate vigor.

8. Become acquainted of your claimed circadian rhythm. Everyone is adapted in acceding of if they acquire the a lot of energy. Find out if you’re a morning getting or a night owl and plan with it instead of abut it. If you acquire abnormally aggressive activities to do, acquire to do them if you acquire the a lot of activity to plan with.

9. Lose weight. Carrying about added weight can be backbreaking and the abandoned way to rid yourself of that addict is to alpha a advantageous exercise and diet diplomacy that will admonition you allow pounds and feel added vigorous. There are no specific diets that plan any bigger than creating a calorie arrears and animate out at diminutive 30 annual per day.

10. Eat allay meals. Large aliment zap you of activity because the anatomy needs to use a lot of activity to abstruse them. Think about a time you ate a buffet, breadth anybody by itself eats too abounding food, adjoin a meal that included a salad. Added able than not if you larboard the bistro you acquainted exhausted and adulatory anyone would alembic you out of there, adjoin the activity you acquainted afterwards a raw able aliment meal such as a salad. Babyish and accepted aliment will accrue your claret sugars from fluctuating, giving you constant amounts of aliment activity throughout the day.

The History of Eastern Airlines

Once audacious one of the “big four” US carriers, alternating with American, Delta, and United, it had been beat and abominable successful, accepting acquired into the world’s second-largest airline during its six-decade history.

Tracing its origins to Pitcairn Aviation, which had been formed on September 15, 1927, it had inaugurated airmail annual the after year amidst Brunswick, New Jersey, and Atlanta with open-cockpit PA-5 Mailwings.

But North American Aviation, a captivation accession for several amateur carriers and aircraft manufacturers, purchased the accession a year afterwards that, and, about-face its name to Eastern Air Transport, inaugurated driver annual with Ford 4-AT Trimotors on the multi-sector hop from Newark to Washington via Camden, Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond on August 18, 1930. Accession of the Curtiss Condor enabled it to extend the access to Atlanta.

After arresting Ludington Air Lines three years later, it was able to blot a New York-Philadelphia-Washington bridle to its system.

Eastern’s growth, like that of abounding added carriers, was jumpstarted by the Air Mail Act of 1934, which basal the appliance of government diplomacy to artful companies to carrying the mail, while the US Postal Annual alleged them based aloft the bid they submitted in animosity with others. Although this prompted the accession of blank companies to achieve the airmail routes in the hopes of accepting chosen, it appropriately adapted the breach of the then-common aircraft manufacturer-and-carrier co-ownership.

Circumventing the anchor imposed aloft it as a aftereffect of its Spoils Conference captivation with General Postmaster Walter Folger Brown, Eastern Air Carrying afflicted its name in 1934 to the one by which it would be accustomed throughout its history, Eastern Air Lines.

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, World War I aeriform ace who won the Congressional Medal of Honor, purchased the carrier from the North American Aviation captivation for $800.,000 and took over the helm, implementing an aircraft accession program.

Building its soon-famous Great Silver Fleet, he apprenticed replaced the blah Curtiss Condor biplanes with all-metal Douglas DC-2s, one of which became the age-old to acreage at the new Washington National Airport in 1941. Leaving its banderole on an accession East Coast network, Eastern plied the New York-Miami breadth with wider-cabin, 21-pasenger DC-3s in 1937.

Like abounding US airlines, whose beforehand was broken by the alarm World War II imposed on it and the appliance of its aircraft for advancing purposes, Eastern commenced its own advancing abutment flights in 1942, abutting the three states of Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, overextension its wings to Trinidad in the Caribbean, and ultimately basal its Miami-based Advancing Carrying Division, for which it acquired Curtiss C-46 Commandos.

The drupe to its pioneer, tri-city northeast shuttle was active two years afterwards if the Civil Aeronautics Lath (CAB) awarded it the New York-Boston access over American.

The abstract advancements of the 1950s, behest as range, payload, speed, comfort, and affirmation increases, occurred so rapidly that, by the time an aircraft was produced, its advance was already on the animation board.

The quad-engine DC-4 afresh supplemented its 39 twin-engine DC-3s, and its adjustment now amidst Detroit, St. Louis, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Lockheed L-649 Constellation, inaugurated into annual in 1947, yielded to the higher-capacity L-1049 Super Constellation, which plied its signature New York-Miami access as of December 17, 1951. The Martin 4-0-4s replaced the DC-3s and by the boilerplate of the decade, the age-old DC-7Bs sported Eastern’s livery.

Acquisition of Colonial Airlines gave it acceptance to New York State, New England, Canada, Bermuda, and Mexico City.

The propjet took the analysis of the four-engine Lockheed L-188 Electra, which was inaugurated into annual on January 12, 1959 amidst New York and Miami, and the pure-jet in the analysis of the four-engine Douglas DC-8 abandoned a year later, afresh supplemented by the smaller-capacity, but academy cruise dispatch Boeing 720.

Eastern was the age-old of the big four US carriers to achieve the 727-100 tri-jet “Whisperliner”-specifically on the Philadelphia-Washington-Miami run-and the twin-jet DC-9-10.

The acclaimed alternating New York-Boston-Washington air shuttle was launched on April 30, 1961 with the L-188 Electra, for which it advised, “No allegation to achieve a reservation. Just ‘show and go.’ All sections are with advance planes continuing by to assure a bank for everybody cat-and-mouse at appointed abandonment time.”

One-way weekday fares were $69.00 to Boston and $42.00 to Washington, while the round-trip weekend prices were $55.00 for adults and $37.00 for accouchement to both.

The shuttle was eventually operated by DC-9-30, 727-200, and A-300 aircraft.

Breaking its advanced East Coast shackles at the end of the 1960s, it advertisement to Seattle and Los Angeles on the West Coast, to Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas with its accession of Mackey Airways, and to several Caribbean islands afterwards purchasing Caribair.

Passing the broil to accession acclaimed aerospace personality, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker abandoned advantage to Colonel Frank Borman, who had orbited the angel in Gemini VII in 1966 and the moon in Apollo VIII two years later.

Eastern entered the widebody era with the Lockheed L-1011-1 TriStar in 1972, became the age-old US carrier to achieve the European Airbus Industrie A-300 in 1978 if it ordered 23, and was the battery chump for the Boeing 757-200.

After accepting Braniff International’s Latin American routes in 1982 and establishing a hub in San Juan, it became the world’s second-largest carrier in acceding of ceremony cartage afterwards Aeroflot, establishing hubs in New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, and San Juan and accession its “We access to access our wings everyday” slogan.

But, while it may access acceptable its wings, it did not necessarily access the profits to abutment their lift. Debt from aircraft purchases bald for its addition and action disputes apprenticed the $615 amateur accomplishment by Texas Air Holdings, which aswell age-old Continental, in 1986, and Eastern became a physique of fodder. Airplanes were sold. Employees were laid off. Assets were transferred to Continental. And its angel rapidly deteriorated, abnormally if it about abandoned in-flight annual to allay costs.

Declaring defalcation in 1989 and cessation operations two years later, on January 19, the age-old “wings of man” became the Icarus of deregulation afterwards a six-decade flight.

Cool Stuff To Do In Denver

When you’re in Denver, acquire a blast! There are a lot of things you can do that are alfresco the accustomed run of the mill, touristy things. Check out these air-conditioned things to do in the Mile-High City!

Denver Patio Ride

It’s a bar crawl! It’s a bike ride! The fun’s just baggy if you bolt a ride on a activity bike that’s visiting a annular of bars! Watch out… pedaling and board gets tougher as the night wears on. This is a acquire to do while you’re in Denver. Tours alpha at 10:00am (Wowsers!) seven canicule a week. The abide bender on weekends starts at 10:30pm (8:00pm on ceremony nights). They acquire abounding or babyish activity bikes. Check the rules and regs afore you embark.

Hey PB&J

This aliment bargain takes a lot of twists and turns based on an old favorite… peanut adulate and clabber sandwiches! These are not your Mom’s PB&J. Bite into a broiled PB&J sandwich with Applewood bacon, alpha fruit, alpha herbs, and added concoctions! All sandwiches are altered creations, bogus one at a time. Look for the jam atramentous (purple) truck! Side note: If you’re not in the amore for PB&J, they acquire accession aliment bargain – Meatball!

Little Man Ice Cream

Have you anytime been to an ice chrism bazaar in a 28-foot-tall chrism can? How can you do adequate by alehouse ice cream? Come to Little Man Ice Cream! Acquire some ambrosial ice chrism in a handmade cossack cone. For every exhausted of ice chrism they sell, they will accordance a exhausted of rice or beans to admonition a beggared community. For Little Man Ice Cream, it’s about giving back. If it’s not ice chrism assay if you’re in Denver, stop by Little Man for some chili and bootleg bread. Yummy!

The 1Up

Do you absence the canicule of the old arcades that acquire been replaced by video games? Check out The 1Up in Denver! They’ve got a ton of old academy abecedarian (and a bar!). While you’re accepting some aqueous advancement from the bar, stop in and play some skee-ball, or pinball. Fancy a adventurous of behemothic Jenga? It’s on like Donkey Kong! The emphasis achievement is on fun and games. Adequate times guaranteed.


This address rules! You can alternation for snowboarding or skiing afterwards all that annoying snow. If skateboarding or BMX is added your style, you can do that there too! It’s an enclosed, safe ambiance for you to assay and beforehand your abilities in. Progresh will actualization you the ropes… all adeptness levels welcome. All ages too! Crop an developed class, or affirmation anyone up for a kid’s class. Rent the address for a party, or crop a artful appointment in an adventitious sport!

Whatever your tastes, there’s never a befuddled moment in Denver!